Our exam names have changed

In September 2017, Cambridge Assessment English started the process of changing the names of our exams. We introduced Cambridge English Qualifications as the new way to describe our in-depth exams.

To make the progression from one exam to another more easy to understand, we have introduced the CEFR level to each exam’s name. For example, Cambridge English: First (FCE) will now be known as B2 First. We will also continue to phase out the use of the old acronyms for our exams.

You can see what this means for each of the Cambridge English Qualifications below:

Cambridge English Qualifications Schools

Old name                                                                                                                                  New name

Cambridge English: Starters (YLE Starters)                                                                 Pre A1 Starters

Cambridge English: Movers (YLE Movers)                                                                   A1 Movers

Cambridge English: Flyers (YLE Flyers)                                                                         A2 Flyers

Cambridge English: Key for Schools (KET for Schools)                                               A2 Key for Schools

Cambridge English: Preliminary for Schools (PET for Schools)                                 B1 Preliminary for Schools

Cambridge English: First for Schools (FCE for Schools)                                              B2 First for Schools

Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE)                                                                              C1 Advanced

Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE)                                                                            C2 Proficiency

Cambridge English Qualifications General and higher education

Old name                                                                                                                               New name
Cambridge English: Key (KET)                                                                                           A2 Key

Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET)                                                                              B1 Preliminary

Cambridge English: First (FCE)                                                                                           B2 First

Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE)                                                                                C1 Advanced

Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE)                                                                              C2 Proficiency

Cambridge English Qualifications Business

Old name                                                                                                                                   New name
Cambridge English: Business Preliminary (BEC Preliminary)                                    B1 Business Preliminary

Cambridge English: Business Vantage (BEC Vantage)                                                B2 Business Vantage

Cambridge English: Business Higher (BEC Higher)                                                     C1 Business Higher


The process for changing names will take time to implement, so you will continue to see our old name on some materials.
Cambridge English Qualifications are in-depth exams that make learning English enjoyable, effective and rewarding. They are designed so that each exam builds on the skills you develop at the previous level. You can use them to improve your English, step by step.



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